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"These guys will not let you down they’ll make you happy! You and your guests will never forget the music and dancing at your reception. When I was looking for a band, I was looking for guys who can entertain, have strong voices, have class and have a heart. There were much more expensive performers but they just did not have it all. This group’s got it. They brought so much energy the room – entertainment, music that every generation can relate and their hearts. Working with Ross was a pleasure. He is someone you can trust. Ross is easy to talk to and very tactful; he listened and helped with advice when I needed it. I never doubted that they’d arrive on time and do their best. Our wedding took place at The Toledo Club, which is a premier destination in the city. It was a beautiful reception and we owe it to Ross and his crew because no matter how beautiful the place or dress and cake are, at the end, it’s about the experience and a good time. These guys know how to entertain; I would recommend this band to my best friends and family. In fact, I will call them again; I just have to think of the occasionJ

Tatiana & David  t.salava@yahoo.com

Cincinnati, OH

Married on 12/7/2013





When my wife & I started envisioning our wedding, both of us wanted a live band.  I had DJ'd many weddings myself, but preferred the experience of live instruments & singers for our guests, as I knew it would greatly enhance the evening.  We reached out to Motor City Soul & went to check out one of their performances.  Within 5 seconds of witnessing their performance, my wife & I looked at each other with a big smile because we knew we had found what we were looking for.  Motor City Soul that evening had us hooked.  Without hesitation, we booked MCS.  From that point forward they were very professional while communicating with us regarding the logistics & planning of the wedding, striving equally as we were to bring our wedding vision to fruition.  They clearly understood how important the day was to us.  There wasn't a time when I contacted them that I didn't receive a response.  I could tell quickly in the planning process the devotion MCS put forth towards each of their performances.


  MCS is extremely accommodating & it showed by them agreeing to travel 3+ hours to Northern Michigan for our wedding, as well as taking our requests & learning certain songs for the wedding.  Not only are they extremely accommodating but they are also are very affordable!  I've known plenty of friends & family members that have hired much more expensive bands for weddings & events and I can guarantee you will not find a more affordable price for the quality & service you receive with MCS!  For a 7 piece band, the price is unbeatable.  These guys are first and foremost in it for the music & to make people dance & smile!


  As for their performance at our wedding, it exceeded our expectations on multiple levels. The band sounds great & the singers get on the dance floor with the crowd stirring up the party! They were a perfect fit for our guests & so much fun!   I've seen plenty of bands that sound great but are stiff performers and the guests don't dance.  It was important we found a band that not only sounded great but also seemed to really enjoy themselves & set the mood for a fun evening.   Motor City Soul is far from stiff as they dance & get the party going!  I also have witnessed at many weddings the older crowd of friends & family leave after dinner.  It was important to my wife & I that this didn't happen at our wedding.  Motor City Soul's sound reaches everybody young to old & kept our grandparents and majority of guests dancing & celebrating with us all evening. The dance floor was always full of happy people.


 I absolutely love the Motown sound & this band is the best I've heard covering that sound.  You could easily close your eyes & feel like the voices of Stevie, Marvin, Smokey or the Temptations were singing in your backyard, which led to an unbelievable experience.  Not only is their Motown sound unbeatable but they do high energy fun versions of current songs & other genres of music.  Their musical range is phenomenal.  All members of the band are extremely talented at their craft!


More than the mention of flowers, food, or venue since our wedding we've received more compliments about how fun the band was & how nice they were to our guests. We've had guests dubbing our wedding the "greatest dance party they've ever been a part of".  My wife & I couldn't have been happier & thank them for being a huge contributor to the greatest night of our lives.  We continue to go see them when they perform around town & I've already booked them again for a work event.  If you're judging them by their audio clips online,these don't do them justice.  You must see them for yourselves!  I highly recommend them.  They do not disappoint!

  Thanks MCS!

 Keep it funky & soulful

 Jeff & Melissa     leduc.jeff@gmail.com<mailto:leduc.jeff@gmail.com>



 With 100% certainty I can say hiring Motor City Soul for our wedding  reception was the best decision we made. They went above and beyond  w/everything including Ross making a special trip to see our  complicated venue in person. They learned 3 special songs for us and  even practiced with one of my friends who sang with the band. Our  guests raved about them (and we are still receiving compliments!)  saying it was "the best wedding they had ever been to." I can't say  enough great things about them - They are funny, professional, very  talented, and our guests literally cheered encore at the end of the  reception until they played another song! Unreal! Thank you guys!! A++

 Kelly Oaks (McKay) Kelly.elyse@gmail.com<mailto:Kelly.elyse@gmail.com>



 I could not more HIGHLY recommend Motor City Soul. This was the best decision we made regarding our reception. From the planning stages at the very start, they were very easy to work it and learned the song we requested for our first dance. They also surprised us at the wedding with the live version of the father-bride dance that had only just shortly before been submitted. Once the band started playing, our guests literally ran to the dance floor to enjoy their performance. From the songs, to the dance moves, to the crowd interaction, Motor City Soul was truly the best. Guests have not stopped raving about them. Thank you for a perfect night!

Ellen Kraft (Mize)   ellen.mize@gmail.com<mailto:ellen.mize@gmail.com>




A friend of a friend referred me to Motor City Soul for our wedding in May. We didn’t have a big budget left for music, and I figured we didn’t have a shot at affording a live band, but gave them a call anyways.  What I discovered after calling Ross was an incredibly accommodating and affordable band that was just interested in playing great music and entertaining our crowd. I could not have imagined how great they would be, in a variety of ways.

What a great band we had was by far the most frequent compliment I received after our wedding – more than the flowers, venue, food, cake, anything! The playlist they came up with was the exact style and mix I had hoped for. They played songs everyone knew, sounded incredible, danced in the crowd, and even let a bridesmaid have a turn on the mic! They responded to all of our wishes as to what to play and what not to play, made our special dance songs sound perfect, and our guests had so much fun ALL night. The band seemed like they had just as much fun as our guests, which made it seem even more special and personal. In addition, they worked closely with our photographer to keep the evening flowing seamlessly. We even had an unexpected change in our timeline, so the band played through their scheduled breaks in order to give us every minute of time they agreed to.

I could not have imagined getting such great entertainment for such an affordable price. It was so much fun having a piece of Detroit soul as a part of our special day. They were worth every penny…and certainly much more! I would recommend Motor City Soul to anyone for any occasion. Thank you!!!!

-Carrie Banner Aprik



In spring of 2011 I began planning my dream wedding. I wanted a “classic” wedding like all of the 80’s wedding I went to. I wanted engraved matchbooks, napkins with our names, lots of food, drinks, and dancing all night long. I knew of the perfect band to ask - I had heard Motor City Soul play at three different charity events – and I knew they were a great. I was thrilled when I found out they were available to play for my wedding December 9, 2011.

Our wedding reception was a dream come true. I got to dance all night long – just like I wanted. The comment I heard the most during the wedding was what a beautiful bride I was. The comment I heard the most during the reception was “What a great band!”

Motor City Soul is unique in that they have the Motown songs down-pat. “My girl” and “Just my Imagination” can’t be beat. I love the matching suits and the dancing singers. Some of the older folks at my wedding stayed all night just sitting and enjoying the band. But Motor City Soul is not just oldies! They play modern songs as well as classic party/dance music. My guests so enjoyed the band – and I know my wedding will live in their memories for ever. I heard several comments that it was the best wedding band they ever heard – some even said it was the best live band in general that they had ever heard!

I used the wedding gift money from my dad to pay for Motor City Soul’s night of entertainment. That was the best possible wedding gift from my father. Motor City Soul was very accommodating – they even asked what our “First Dance” song would be, which was “Don’t want to Close my eyes” by Aerosmith. They performed it very well – and I appreciate that they learned the song just for our special day. The dance floor was packed the entire night. It was perfect.

I most highly recommend Motor City Soul for your night of entertainment. They are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I’m so thankful that they were able to play for our wedding - it was the best!

-Donna Hwang 1/16/12
Wedding: Dr. Irving and Donna Hwang, Monroe, MI

People Hire Motor City Soul for Weddings because:

  • Our singers actively involve and interact with your guests to assure everyone has a great time.  You'll find them them at guest tables singing (even encouraging others to sing) and dancing on the dance floor!
  • There is NO substitute for LIVE music- especially OUR brand. The excitement level builds the moment your guests walk in and see there will be a LIVE band for a change!
  • MCS doesn't just play music? We put on a SHOW!
  • With three lead singers, and 4 instrumental musicians (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums- all of whom sing!) We perform music other bands can't do! (All band members sing)
  • Our unique blend of music keeps EVERYONE happy all night long. From Motown to Maroon 5, Motor City Soul covers 5 decades; 50 artists; and most genres!
  • You get the best of both worlds- Live Entertainment and DJ.  (One of our singers is also a DJ who will keep the music and fun going even during our breaks.)
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