Why Hire MCS

Uniquely Versatile Repertoire

About a third of our repertoire is Motown and similar music.  Another third is dance funk (the stuff you MUST dance to or suffer some kind of hemorrhage!)  The other third is all over the map: Country to Maroon 5; classic rock to Bruno Mars; r&b to Cee Lo Green to Pharrell Williams; Aretha to BeyoncĂ©!  MCS regularly puts 4 or 5 generations of guests on the dance floor at the same time! Just the right mix of Motown and Classics, with just enough of the popular new stuff to keep EVERYONE happy ALL NIGHT! 


 Our shows are MEMORABLE. What we hear most from newlyweds is that the band is what people are talking most about during and after the reception.

Audience Engagement

We directly involve your audience to make them part of the show, and therefore the fun. Our three full-time lead singers use wireless mikes allowing them to dance with your guests; invite them to sing; and even sing to/with them at their tables. 

Incredible Talent

With eight  musicians, 7 of whom sing, there is almost nothing we can't play! So we cover nearly 50 years and 50 artists! 

Superior Audio Production

We travel with an audio engineer (very rare or bands doing weddings) who constantly monitors and adjusts the sound mix and volume to assure the best quality sound possible for all of your guests, provided at volume levels that are enjoyable, not ear-piercing!