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"Motor City Soul is an amazing band with great vocals. They bring an energy that is unmatched by most bands. They also do a terrific job picking and making song choices. From the first 60 minute set they did I new this band was gonna be apart of the Tip N' Inn's future. Their name says it all. They play their music with Soul, Heart, and a lot of passion. That's why they play Billy's Tip N' Inn, the Only Place for Live Music!!"

-Tim White
Billy's Tip N Inn


"Motor City Soul creates an atmosphere that provides an exhilarating experience to any audience. Their diverse cover selection allows them to appease any age group. I book all my birthday party's and benefits around this band, for a purpose. They never cease to impress my clientele. A great group of guys and superb entertainers. I fully recommend this band for any weddings, corporate events, or any other social gatherings that need great live entertainment".

-Jordan West
Plymouth Roc

"MCS is one of our strongest acts. Always a crowd favorite. Life would be much easier if all of my acts conducted themselves with the same professionalism and consistency as MCS. "

-Chris Breest
Entertainment Director

Plymouth Roc Bar




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Bars and Clubs Hire Motor City Soul because:

  • Experienced Professionals make good partners. We understand your business and our role in a mutually-beneficial partnership.  Our unique music selection and presentation create new fans everywhere we go.  Repeat performances build loyalty among customers looking for something better than "just another bar band."   We also understand that dancing customers buy more food and drinks.  So, we only choose songs that are high-energy, danceable, widely recognized and with rythmn and drive that is impossible to ignore!
  • Our singers actively involve and interact with your guests to assure everyone has a great time.  You'll find them them out in the crowd singing (even encouraging others to sing) and dancing with the audience!
  • MCS doesn't just play music? We put on a SHOW!
  • With three lead singers, and 4 instrumental musicians (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums- all of whom sing!) We perform music other bands can't do! (All band members sing)
  • Our unique blend of music keeps EVERYONE happy all night long. From Motown to Maroon 5, Motor City Soul covers 5 decades; 50 artists; and most genres!
  • Memorable Performances.  Motor City Soul performances aren't just good, they are MEMORABLE.  Our show is one of the things people will remember and talk about.  It's why most of our customers have us back every year for their regular events.
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